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Forbes: “The Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs…”

According to CareerBliss and Susan Adams at Forbes being an Executive Recruiter or Headhunter is the 3rd “happiest” job you can have.  I feel so lucky, though somehow being a headhunter is still ranked behind being a Data Base Administrator [...]

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Available Now: Modern Job Search on Kindle

For a limited time, Modern Job Search is available on Kindle at an introductory price of $2.99 (50% off the regular price). A little background:  I’ve been a corporate headhunter for about 15 years.  I’ve always focused on supply chain management and [...]

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Mashable – Daily Muse: “5 Job Search Tactics / Stop…”

Jenny Foss for the Daily Muse at Mashable hits the nail on the head with her post about 5 tactics that candidates shouldn’t do.  Like a lot of these types of posts, there’s some redundancy but overall, what she says [...]

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Clueless with a Keyboard: “How to Make Frenemies on LinkedIn”

I’m not going to be shy. I love LinkedIn.  It is has been a truly great asset for headhunting.  That is not to say that it didn’t take a little time and effort to both figure it out and put [...]

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Forbes: “22 Linked In Secrets…”

Forbes Contributor William Arruda’s list of “22 LinkedIn Secrets LinkedIn Won’t Tell You” is pretty helpful in terms of building a good LinkedIn profile and exploiting some of the networking opportunities available. LinkedIn is a great resource and but can [...]

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Fast Company: “Five Common Mistakes…”

Fast Company’s Drake Baer compiles a list of 5 common resume mistakes that includes some of what I have in chapter 3 of my book, Modern Job Search.  Not a bad quick list.  Of course, your resume and work leading [...]

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Where to Begin…

So you’ve just been laid off from your job.  You haven’t updated your resume in ages and you can’t remember the last time you went on a job interview.  However, now, without much warning and with a real sense of [...]

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Welcome to Modern Job Search!

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were forced to start looking for a job today?  Wait, let me re-phrase that.  Have you ever wondered what you will do when you have to find a new job? [...]

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