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Find the Right Recruiter and Make Friends

Over the years I’ve read a lot of articles about both how to get a recruiter’s attention and how it is no fun to be ignored by recruiters.  Most of the articles give some tips and tricks to get attention [...]

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The Truth About Resumes

Here’s the truth about resumes – there’s nothing in the world you can do to make me read your resume if your experience isn’t what I need right now.  It is frustrating to see so many articles about how to [...]

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On Candidate Marketing: Lunch with Mike

I haven’t always been a recruiter.  A couple of posts ago I wrote about my first jobs out of college, a short stint as a distribution manager at the local paper and a longer term selling insurance in rural Georgia. [...]

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“What Kind of Salary are you Seeking?”

“How much money are you looking for?” or “What kind of salary are you seeking?” If not the most dreaded question during an interview, this one, no matter how it is phrased has to be in the top three.  And [...]

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How I Learned About Value

Excerpted from Modern Job Search / Chapter 1:  Value is the beginning. It’s objective, measurable, communicable and transferable. Our society and economy operate on the exchange of value. The first time I really thought about value was during a job [...]

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Quora: How can I become a better interviewee when job hunting?

Quora Question:  How can I become a better interviewee when job hunting?  I am qualified but believe I interview badly. ***************** Answer:  Everyone knows that they are supposed to “prepare” but what does that mean? First, yes, do the obvious things: [...]

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Business Radio X Atlanta – I’m on the Radio!

Wow – It’s been a while!  That’s the way it goes when you’re busy headhunting.  So much for 2016… Welcome to 2017! My year is off to a good start and I hope yours is too! Recently I had the [...]

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What is your resume supposed to do?

Resumes are important but they are not the most important part of your job search. A resume on its own will not get you a job. However, ensuring that your resume keeps the process moving is critical. Typically people spend [...]

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What’s Your Value Proposition?

Why anyone does what they do at work, strategically, is their value within their organization.  It’s more than a mission statement or a goal in that value is a precise term and has context.  Extracting and understanding value is the [...]

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