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Because You’re Doing It Wrong: “Why You Hate Networking” via Forbes

Everything everyone reads or writes about networking always focuses on how to do it to advance your own goals – selfishly, efficiently, designed to get what you want.  Is it any wonder you feel dirty after doing it? Susan Adam’s [...]

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“The First 90 Days” by Michael Watkins

A candidate I recently worked with told me she was reading Michael D. Watkins’ “The First 90 Days” ahead of starting at her new job. I haven’t read it yet myself, but based on the excerpts and reviews I read [...]

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What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Nothing. That’s the worst thing that can happen if you read this article and act on it. What’s the best thing that can happen? Everything! I’ve built entire businesses based on cold-emailing or cold-calling. The trick is to do your [...]

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Apply These Tactics to Your Job Search Now!

Great article:  “Want to Write Better Sales Proposals? Follow These 5 Steps” by Marc Wayshak via Entrepreneur.  These are great tips to consider in the context of a job search too.  More importantly, this is the right mindset to apply. BTW [...]

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How To Spot Bad Career Advice: 4 Telltale Signs via Forbes

I didn’t know this when I was writing my book (I should have guessed) but there are a lot of people out there offering career advice without the experience to back it up. The four “clues” to bad advice cited by [...]

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Job Seekers: Read This > via Inc. “4 Audible Cues That Can Kill Customer Service”

John Brandon’s latest Inc. article “4 Audible Cues That Can Kill Customer Service” holds true for a lot more than customer service.   Think about it.  How would you feel if the other party, either a candidate or an interviewer, [...]

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Modern Job Search *NEW* Lower Price!

If you haven’t done so already now is the time to get your copy of “Modern Job Search for Kindle.”  At $5.49, and available to read on any device with the Kindle App for Android, IOS or PC, “Modern Job [...]

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Job Seekers: Read This > 7 Ways to Increase Your Value Proposition

Melinda Emerson’s August 12, 2014 Inc. article, “7 Ways to Increase Your Value Proposition” was originally meant for businesses but represents a real “must read” for job seekers as well.  Consider the following slight revisions of her 7 points in [...]

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HBR Blog: “Why Managers and HR Don’t Get Along”

It was the first sentence in last point, “Finally, all too many HR people don’t take the time to truly understand their company’s business,” that really hit home for me.  As a highly specialized recruiter, I am constantly dealing with [...]

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Fun with Inc.’s “10 Words Terrible Leaders Always Use”

Just for fun I created a (slightly awkward) sentence using all 10 of Inc.’s “10 Words Terrible Leaders Always Use.”  Okay, so my sentence isn’t perfect but it was an entertaining little exercise in word-play.  It does sound kind of [...]

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