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Good Interviews are Conversations Not Interrogations

Some good advice for hiring managers on how to get more from interviews and be more successful in hiring. The bottom line is always the same though – Good interviews are conversations not interrogations. Both sides have to prepare, prioritize [...]

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7 Ways to Prepare for a Video Interview

It won’t be long before interviews that formerly required travel will be done primarily via video conference using Skype or other free and paid applications. (Finally…) Video has the potential to be both very efficient, and very effective. It’s more [...]

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LinkedIn: If I Were 22: Do Whatever You Want!

From my recent Linked In Post: If I Were 22 I’m not sure how I feel about reaching an age at which I might be asked “If I were 22?” Maybe that’s just the way I took it. The question [...]

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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong – Lying is Never Okay

Here’s an easy way to tell if advice is good or not:  Would you share it with your children?  Would you ever tell your children that it is okay to lie?  Probably not. The advice provided in Stephanie Vozza’s latest [...]

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Proof of Concept

Getting back to work, my regular work, has been tough.  I knew it would be.  I also knew I wouldn’t sell a million books in the first month, so work it is!  I never really stopped recruiting, I just let [...]

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Interview Awareness “These 8 Questions” via Fast Company

This could happen to you – and it could be interesting, fun, creative, or the thing that costs you a job you really want.  In a recent Fast Company article called “These 8 Questions Reveal the Most About if You’ll [...]

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Modern Job Search Paperbacks – Looking Good!

The Kindle version came out about a month ago and sales have been good.  Now the paperback is out and they look great!  Obviously I’m biased since it is my book but I’m also pretty pleased. For those of you [...]

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Do You Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

Do you feel like you’re employer is keeping tabs on your private life?  If so, do you think the benefit (for the company) outweighs the invasion of privacy (for the employees)?  Does the possibility of your employer listening in on [...]

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Pay for Play? Feedback a New Money Maker!

Seriously, would you pay for “feedback” from an interview that didn’t result in an offer?  This was the question Tim Sackett posted and answered in a recent piece on his blog, Fistful of Talent.  I kind of think he’s joking [...]

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What Place does Work Occupy in Our Lives?

What place does work occupy in our lives?  Do we work to buy time for our true interests?  Or because we love it? This is a thought provoking article – Don’t Fool Yourself: There is No Work/Life Balance via Fast Company [...]

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