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Business Radio X Atlanta - I'm on the Radio!

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Business Radio X Atlanta – I’m on the Radio!

By In Blog On January 17, 2017

Wow – It’s been a while!  That’s the way it goes when you’re busy headhunting.  So much for 2016… Welcome to 2017! My year is off to a good start and I hope yours is too!

Recently I had the privilege of spending a half hour speaking with Ryan McPherson, Business Radio X Host, about Modern Job Search and job hunting in general.  It was my first radio interview and in between the “um’s” and “uh’s” I think I did alright, hopefully.  Okay, admittedly, I’m not a radio professional and even though I knew what I wanted to talk about, doing it while knowing you’re being recorded definitely requires practice.  In contrast, Ryan sounds like he was born to work in radio.  What a pro!

The interview lasted about 30 minutes.  Ryan had some good questions and I was able to discuss some of my “job search philosophy” and where it comes from.  The MP3 file is here if you’d like to listen or download.

Special thanks to Business Radio X Atlanta and the new Business Radio Savannah for inviting me.  It was a very good experience!


Kurt Schmidt is the author of “Modern Job Search” and the President and Owner of Capto Systems, an executive search firm focused on supply chain and strategic sourcing jobs in manufacturing and energy. He’s also an aspiring photographer and traveler.  If you’re really looking for a job, you need this book! 




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