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Modern Job Search is only $4.99 for Christmas!

Modern Job Search is only $4.99 starting Monday morning until the end of Christmas! Start your job search off right in 2020! Makes a great gift! *Promotion starts 8:00 AM ET on Mon Dec 22 and ends on 11:59 PM [...]

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Everyday Career Advice That’s Not Everyday: Desperation – Going Rogue!

I keep thinking about a candidate I recently stopped working with.  He’s a very good upper middle management supply chain professional who has gotten stuck and is currently with a smaller, unstable company.  I like him.  He’s a good guy.  [...]

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Everyday Career Advice That’s Not Everyday: Skip Applications and Find Jobs that Aren’t Posted!

The Question: What should I do?  This could be anyone.  We all know these exact feelings:  “I will keep applying to published jobs, but I am 99.9% sure this is not going to work.  Unfortunately, I am not good at [...]

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Everyday Career Advice That’s Not Everyday: They Changed the Job Requirements During the Interview!

I get emails with questions from candidates all the time, both for projects we’re working on together and sometimes in regard to interviews they’ve gotten on their own.  I like to try to answer if I feel like my thoughts might be [...]

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Everyday Career Advice That’s Not Everyday: Target Your Search – Don’t Apply to Everything!

This is a partial email conversation with a candidate I’m working with and marketing.  He sends me job leads to explore on his behalf via my network, which is something I do a lot of and I’m good at. He’s definitely [...]

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Everyday Career Advice: Paying it Forward

I’ve spent years telling job seekers that it’s okay to contact people who work in their desired field and ask their advice.  Doing research, identifying appropriate contacts, and sending short introductory notes is okay, no better than okay, it’s the [...]

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Why Isn’t LinkedIn Better?

Before I get to the title question, I am a huge LinkedIn fan. I use the site daily and have had a premium membership since 2007. LinkedIn has been very good for my business and I like it, both in [...]

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Excellent Beach Reading and a Great Gift for Recent Graduates!

I know, it’s summer and all anyone wants to do is go to the beach, hang out, maybe read a book and just have a summer! If you’ve recently graduated, then (I hate to be the one to tell you), this [...]

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Everyday Career Advice: 5 Mission Critical Ways to Improve Job Interview Performance

The mission for your interview is simple – In fact so simple that you can even tell your interviewers what you hope to accomplish while you’re there.  You can actually say to them:  “I’m here to figure out how I [...]

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Everyday Career Advice: Are You Sure Your Resume is Perfect?

Every time you speak with someone during your job search the conversation you’re having is an interview.  Every email you send is an interview.  Every phone call, every introduction and every handshake, these are all interviews.  This is important. I [...]

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