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By In Blog On December 9, 2014

Lately I’m working on so many recruiting projects that there’s been little time for blogging!  I feel guilty about that but I have to take projects when I get them.  So it goes.  The good news is that, while blog entries with longer comments or expanded ideas have been put off a little bit, I am still trying to share helpful career oriented articles and news on Twitter, intermixed with the occasional book promo (Hey – I have to try to sell some books too!).  I even have a couple of followers – yay!

If you want to keep up with what I’m reading here’s the link: @MoJoSearch

And – Thank you!  It really does mean a lot when I see that someone new is checking out what I post and I’m happy to return the favor!


Kurt Schmidt is the author of “Modern Job Search” and the President and Owner of Capto Systems, an executive search firm focused on supply chain and strategic sourcing jobs in manufacturing and energy. He’s also an aspiring photographer and traveler.  If you’re really looking for a job, you need this book! 




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