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Job Seekers Read this, via Inc. "4 Audible Cues That Can Kill Customer Service"

What "kills customer service" also kills job interviews and sales presentations too!

Job Seekers: Read This > via Inc. “4 Audible Cues That Can Kill Customer Service”

By In Blog On August 25, 2014

John Brandon’s latest Inc. article “4 Audible Cues That Can Kill Customer Service” holds true for a lot more than customer service.   Think about it.  How would you feel if the other party, either a candidate or an interviewer, sighed audibly during your interview?

It is always important to remember that every conversation you have during your job search is an interview.  It is also to remember that you control what you say and how you say it.  It may sound simplistic or obvious to suggest that “sarcasm” should be used very, very carefully in a job interview but it’s worth saying.   As Brandon suggests, even “throat clearing” or “saying hmmm” depending on how it is said or done, can have significantly different meanings to listeners.  His bottom line: 

Communicating directly is always the best approach. The main lesson here? Don’t leave communication open to interpretation.”

I agree, and not only in the context of customer service but for all interactions from which you want a positive result.  Sarcasm can be great fun in the right setting and sometimes necessary to get a point across but in services, sales or interview settings it’s not your best bet for success.   Check out the article and consider his points ahead of your next interview.


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