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Modern Job Search Paperbacks - Looking Good!

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Modern Job Search Paperbacks – Looking Good!

By In Blog On May 12, 2014

The Kindle version came out about a month ago and sales have been good.  Now the paperback is out and they look great!  Obviously I’m biased since it is my book but I’m also pretty pleased.

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been in executive search for over 15 years and have always tried to be pretty generous with advice and guidance.   Despite the success of my recruiting firm, there have always been a lot more candidates looking for jobs than I could ever possibly place.  Over the years I’ve coached, advised and helped as many people as I can.

An unintended consequence of my efforts has been the compilation of a body of advice that really works – and I have data to prove it.   A couple of years ago, I decided to assemble a book and make my knowledge and experience available to everyone.  However the last thing I wanted was a “handbook” style book that spent x-hundred pages dryly telling people what to do.  So instead, Modern Job Search was written using a narrative approach and is based on real life experiences with three job seekers.  My three characters, Anthony, Karen and Tom are based on, respectively, a recent college graduate, a mid-career professional and a senior management candidate that my firm placed.  The book follows their job searches from beginning to end, starting with “value analysis” and progressing through contacts research, resume development, effective networking, interview prep and conversion, negotiating and finally proper resignation technique.

While my recruiting work is highly specialized (supply chain in manufacturing and energy only), the book is designed to be applicable for job seekers pursuing a broad variety of opportunities.  The language, structure, process and price were designed to make the book as accessible and usable as possible.  The strategy described is real and mirrors what I do as a recruiter to market candidates to potential client companies in a way that candidates can do for themselves.  The guidance given is based on the results of the literally hundreds of interviews that I’ve setup.  The value for job seekers is access to a body of job search experience that is significantly greater than what they might ever accumulate in their own careers provided in a “story like” package that is easy to read and digest.

Conducting a job search can be a frustrating and difficult process.  Typically anything that can improve not only the results but also the quality of the overall experience is beneficial.  I like to think that my book contributes to that end for job seekers in today’s market.  If you’re serious about your career, having one more source of information to help you make the most of your efforts is a good thing and at $5.99 (Kindle) or $12.99 (Paperback) Modern Job Search is also a good investment.




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