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Preaching to the Choir: 6 Big Reasons to Use LinkedIn More Like Twitter

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Preaching to the Choir: 6 Big Reasons to Use LinkedIn More Like Twitter

By In Blog On September 21, 2014

Larry Kim’s recent Inc. article, “6 Big Reasons to Use LinkedIn More Like Twitter” is more affirmation than innovation – at least for me.  However it is a nice reminder, and more importantly, if you’re not using or under-using LinkedIn, then Larry’s article give you six more reasons why you should work it for all it’s worth.

As a tool for my executive search work, LinkedIn is invaluable.  As a job seeker, LinkedIn is the most powerful career development website on the planet.  Beyond just connecting with co-workers or friends, LinkedIn can be a window into your industry or desired industry, a tool to learn about peers in your discipline, a way to reach out to potential hiring managers, a space to publish and become known and a place to stay on top of relevant trends.

However LinkedIn does take some effort and it is important to have a goal in mind in order to get the most from it.  I dedicated half a chapter to it in MoJo Search and could have added even more.  From Chapter 2:

“ requires some development and customization. You have to find contacts and build your own network. The network you end up with is qualitative and quantitative. The quality and quantity of your search results will be directly based on the amount of effort you put into creating your network. It is important to have a specific goal or set of goals for using

My goal for is simple: I want to know as many of the most qualified Supply Chain Management professionals at a variety of levels in manufacturing and energy production as possible. I want to be able to contact potential candidates about job opportunities or potential hiring managers about marketable candidates. My search results need to support my goal, period. I don’t invite anyone who is not related to my goal to join my network. For me, is not a social network, it’s for business.”

What’s your LinkedIn goal?  Are you using LinkedIn effectively?  What you can do to improve?


Kurt Schmidt is the author of “Modern Job Search” and the President and Owner of Capto Systems, an executive search firm focused on supply chain and strategic sourcing jobs in manufacturing and energy. He’s also an aspiring photographer and traveler.  If you’re really looking for a job, you need this book! 





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