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Where to Begin...

Figuring out your value proposition

Where to Begin…

By In Blog On March 18, 2014

So you’ve just been laid off from your job.  You haven’t updated your resume in ages and you can’t remember the last time you went on a job interview.  However, now, without much warning and with a real sense of urgency, you need to figure out how to get back to work.  What are you going to do?

If you’re like most people you’ll start looking all over the internet for open jobs and begin blasting out resumes and cover letters.  Because, why?  That’s what everyone else does.  Will it work?  Maybe but it will be time consuming, you’ll have little control and rarely receiving replies can be depressing.  Worse, until you’ve done the “front-end” work your resumes and cover letters may not end up anywhere close to your target audience of hiring managers.

What’s the front-end work?  From the book, Modern Job Search:

“Value is the beginning.  It’s objective, measurable, communicable and transferable.  Our society and economy operate on the exchange of value.”

What’s your value proposition?  Do you know who specifically needs your help and how to find them?  Figuring out these few things can exponentially improve your job search results by improving the quality of your message and the precision of your approach.  Want to learn more about how you can package yourself, find the right people to contact and escalate email conversations into interviews and offers?  Learn from a headhunter – buy my book today and start getting better results.


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