Modern Job Search

About the Book

Modern Job Search

Nobody likes looking for a job. For most, completing applications and sending them, literally, out into space is tedious at best, frustrating and heart rending at worst. Response rates are terrible, the percentage of success low. The ease of applying means that everyone applies for everything. Companies become buried in data and erect even higher walls. Your whole life is reduced to a handful of keywords that are digested by a computer to determine whether you’re in or out. Is this what you want?

Not if you’re smart. There are people out there who know how to connect job seekers and hiring managers much more efficiently. These people, like me, are corporate headhunters. Not everyone can work with a headhunter but anyone can use their methods.

Like most of us, Karen, Anthony and Tom weren’t thinking of ‘job search’ as a process when they started looking. They figured they would apply online, call or email friends and colleagues, and just keep doing it until something worked, no matter how long it took. Why? Because that’s what everyone does. However by using the techniques in “Modern Job Search: Insider Knowledge and Strategies that Work” all three learned that there are better ways to achieve their career goals.

About Me: I’ve been a corporate headhunter (contingency and retained executive recruiter) for almost 18 years. My clients have included ABB, BP (British Petroleum), Halliburton, Emerson, Trane, Flextronics, AGCO, Danaher, American Standard, Exterran, Cameron, Dell, Iomega, Ingersoll Rand, Whirlpool, Motorola, Hewlett Packard / Compaq, Hitachi, Thyssen-Krupp, Tyco Electronics, John Deere, Solectron, Black and Decker and many others.

I know how hiring works, how to get to decision makers and how to make things happen. I’ve made a lot of money marketing, recruiting and placing candidates using the methods in my book. The people I’ve coached, like the real life Karen, Anthony, and Tom, all got jobs much more efficiently following my guidance.

Modern Job Search: Insider Knowledge and Strategies that Work” will teach you:

> How to start your job search (understanding your value in the job market)
> How to identify hiring managers and other useful contacts
> How to prepare resumes that move you forward
> How to get yourself in front of the right people
> How to prepare for and control interviews
> How to negotiate good offers
> How to transition from one job to the next efficiently and professionally

Job Seekers today need more than just a good resume. They need to know how to get their resume in front of the right person. Ask anyone looking for a job right now and they will tell you that the most frustrating part of their search is reaching real people. “Modern Job Search: Insider Knowledge and Strategies that Work” was written to help job seekers build relationships, start conversations and get jobs faster, more efficiently and more successfully than the standard ‘apply and hope’ method. I’ve made a career using these techniques and they will work for you too. — Kurt Schmidt