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An Early Eulogy and a Not-So-Secret Secret

I know a secret, sort of, kind of a scary one. I think once everyone knows what I know, the recruiting business of today will cease to exist. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened already but it will, and in [...]

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Free, Free, Free! But First – This…

(The title of this post is explained at the bottom. I know you’re going to read the whole thing anyways because that’s the type of good person that you are and for that I thank you!) I got into this [...]

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From LinkedIn: I call BS: Bad Advice and Recruiters

I don’t have a lot of time for blogging but wrote this for LinkedIn recently and wanted to publish it here as well: Lately there have been what seems like a lot of “articles” published on LinkedIn that are highly [...]

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MoJo Search Holiday Promotion – Starting at $0.99!

Still shopping for Christmas gifts?  Know someone looking for a job?  Get the unemployed person you love Modern Job Search and help them get their job search on the right track! Modern Job Search goes on sale starting Friday, December 19th at [...]

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LinkedIn Update: The “Friend Invitation”

Aren’t new features great?  Well okay, not all the time…but this time I think so! You may not have noticed but LinkedIn recently made a very significant change to the categories used to validate invitations to connect with other members [...]

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Follow Me on Twitter for More MoJo: @MoJoSearch

Lately I’m working on so many recruiting projects that there’s been little time for blogging!  I feel guilty about that but I have to take projects when I get them.  So it goes.  The good news is that, while blog [...]

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Quartz: The Complete Guide to Networking for Introverts

I get a lot of email newsletters and follow a lot of career related topics – in between working all the time.  I don’t get a chance to read most of it, and even when I do it seems I [...]

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IMPORTANT: Never resign until you know for sure!

Susan Adam’s recent Forbes column, “How A Criminal Background Check Can Cost You The Job” is a necessary read for pretty much anyone who is looking for a job in today’s market.  All of my large corporate clients do background checks and [...]

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Preaching to the Choir: 6 Big Reasons to Use LinkedIn More Like Twitter

Larry Kim’s recent Inc. article, “6 Big Reasons to Use LinkedIn More Like Twitter” is more affirmation than innovation – at least for me.  However it is a nice reminder, and more importantly, if you’re not using or under-using LinkedIn, then [...]

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What Signals Are You Sending? (Expanded from Inc.)

Are you doing everything you can to get the most out of your job interview experiences?   Sure, you’ve prepared, done research on the company, read and re-read the job description, thought about key questions and answers, and generally read [...]

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